All of us at Jaaja Barb’s Home of Angels would like to give special thanks to the many wonderful people that helped make us what we are today.  Without you, it would have been impossible.  From the youngest child who donated their allowance to the eldest, sparing a portion of their pension cheque, you will never be forgotten.  

Edwin and I would first like to thank the Kuwasha International Development Society (KIDS) for partnering with us.  They cared enough to make sure 100% of all donations go to our Home of Angels and also provide tax receipts to all our donors.

We want to acknowledge Northview Community Church in Abbotsford, B.C.  for it's contribution to Home of Angels.
We are so pleased they are partnering with us in caring for the orphans of Uganda and helping us to meet community 

Global BC News reporter, Linda Aylesworth kept our story alive through her nightly news reports.   She has aired our story repeatedly over the past 6 years both locally and nationally.   This has made a big difference for our Home of Angels and has inspired others to take action also.

Save on Foods supplies all the ingredients for us to bake the banana bread.  To date we have made approximately 13,000 loaves and 100% has been profit.  We are so grateful to them as they also continue to have fundraisers in many of their stores, 

Renewit Solar Ltd. In Hong Kong has contributed many times to our Home of Angels.  They not only provided solar lights for the kids to do their studies, they also brought light into homes that had never had it before. The project “Lighting up Africa” is truly amazing and we are so thankful to be recipients in this small corner of Africa. 


DanceComp Genie has done an amazing job in creating our first website.   Thank you Elliot for making the viewers feel they are truly in Uganda experiencing the love and hope these children are receiving.  We are very grateful to you.


Thank you to everyone for partnering with us to help these kids, “celebrate living”.

Special Thanks!